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Director’s Greeting

Hello. I am Saki Murasaki.

Our school was established in 1992 as a private Japanese teachers’ group.
We registered as a company, (Kabushikigaisha) in October 2006.
We have grown to have 20 Japanese teachers, 4 English teachers and 2 Chinese teachers currently at the school.

The Murasaki Japanese Institute is a unique and innovative school that tailors its lessons to suit your specific needs. We are communication experts that can help you accomplish your goals, whether they are to make life in Japan more comfortable, to pass the Japanese Proficiency Test, or to improve your business language ability. Our teachers have experience teaching a wide variety of lessons; from accompanying students to the supermarket or drugstore, to helping them improve their contract negotiation skills, or helping them understand Japanese laws.

One of our strong points is explaining Japanese grammar in English for beginners. We understand how complete beginners can feel uneasy with lessons being taught entirely in Japanese. We explain and answer your questions in English.

Our unique teaching method started 20 years ago. Since that time, we have been constantly improving and updating our lessons. Today, the Murasaki Institute offers a Japanese teaching course to teachers both in and outside of the institute.
We have a very good reputation with this course from a lot of professional Japanese teachers.

Another strong advantage to studying with us, is that we have industry specific language courses. We have taught business professionals; lawyers, financial analysts, real estate agents, IT consultants and so on, from beginner to well-advanced.
We can cover specific and complicated work documents during our lessons without a problem.

I, Murasaki, have a qualification as a real-estate transaction specialist.
In addition, I also have a qualification as an administrative scrivener which can help you get your visa or help with registering any documents to the local or national government. My master’s degree is in Japanese literature, so if you are interested in Haruki Murakami, for example, we can have lessons about that too!

All the teachers here are personally trained by me. I ensure that they teach to a high standard and have other skills other than just having a Japanese language teaching qualification. Whatever your language needs, I am certain we can find the right solution for you.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, we hope that with our lessons and help, you can succeed.

Sincerely yours,
Saki Murasaki