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For Children
Fun Children’s Japanese Lessons
Do you host a playgroup?
Would you like a friendly Japanese teacher when you let your child and your child's friends play at your home?
Your children will learn Japanese through play.
Your children will learn:
Practical everyday Japanese through games, songs, storytelling,drawing, Origami and other fun activities

How to play popular children’s games so they can join their Japanese peers in the park

How to navigate the shops and public transport in your neighbor-hood with confidence
2 to 15 years old
For young children: Fun lessons with games and activities
For teenagers: Private tutoring to help with your school studies
Message from Murasaki Japanese children teacher group


We are Japanese teachers for children. We love children!

Would you like your child to speak Japanese and be able to play with Japanese children?

Would you like your child to talk with shop clerks with confidence?

A lot of fun games are waiting for you. 
Tokyo Yokohama Saitama or at our school
Lesson fees
1 Child 6,000 yen / hour
* exclude consumption tax 10%
[Play group]*Family discounts available
2 Children 9,000 yen (4,500 yen / child)
3 Children 10,500 yen (3,500 yen / child)
4 Children 12,000 yen (3,000 yen / child)
* exclude consumption tax 10%