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Tokyo Short Stay Course
Course Levels
From beginner to advanced levels.
Text Books
Beginner I

Beginner II


Japanese for Busy People I / Minna no Nihongo I

Japanese for Busy People I / Minna no Nihongo I

Minna no Nihongo I, II for basic grammar review
Japanese for Busy People II
Business Japanese for intermediate level

Japanese Reading exercise book from Intermediate to Advanced
JLPT N3, N2 reading and grammar books.
* The above are just samples. We can use any textbooks you like.
Lesson Style
For beginners:

For intermediate students:

For advanced students:
We explain Japanese grammar in English.

Mainly Japanese is used, but English can be used to facilitate explanations.

Fully in Japanese. We can explain new vocabulary in English, if you like.
In this class, speaking and listening are emphasized, but for students preparing for the JLPT, reading is also emphasized.
This depends on you. We recommend that you do homework to see quicker improvement, but if you don’t want any, that’s fine with us.
Sample Lesson Schedule
Example 1 : Less intensive. (You want to enjoy sightseeing, too!)
10:00-11:25 Lesson
  11:25-11:35   Break
11:35-13:00 Lesson
Afternoons, Saturday and Sunday are your free time. Enjoy sightseeing!!

We provide a One Day Tour Sample one day trip, click here.  >>One Day Tour

We are planning more day trips, such as Akihabara (electric town) and Asakusa (famous sightseeing and shopping district). Coming soon!
Access to many fun and famous attractions near our school
Tomoe-cho Sunaba (Soba restaurant) 3 minutes on foot
Toranomon Masumoto (Izakaya restaurant) 20 minutes on foot
Tokyo Tower 15 minutes on foot
Shiba Park 20 minutes on foot
Ginza 5 minutes by train
Tsukiji 10 minutes by train
Akihabara 20 minutes by train
Shibuya 20 minutes by train
Asakusa 25 minutes by train
Ryogoku 30 minutes by train
Please ask about other sightseeing spots you’re interested in.
Example 2 : Intensive lessons (for maximum improvement)
10:00-11:25 Lesson
  11:25-11:35   Break
11:35-13:00 Lesson
  13:00-14:00   Lunch Break
14:00-15:25 Lesson
  15:25-15:35   Break
15:35-16:00 Lesson
After the lesson, you can study at Minato library or Hibiya library by yourself and can do homework.
Minato Library 5-minute walk from our school
Hibiya Library 30-minute walk from our school / 10 minutes by train

Hibiya library is located in Hibiya Park.
When you are tired to studying, you can refresh your mind in the park and return to studying.
Saturday and Sunday are your free time.
Lesson Fees
Registration and preparation fee
10,000 JPY → 5,000 JPY
Lesson Place
Lesson Length / 1Lesson hours
Lesson Times times
Lesson Weeks weeks
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  Extra stay nights
One Day Trip Tour
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One Day Trip Tour
Plus consumption tax 8%
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The above estimation is not included any transportation fees and meal expenses etc.
The above accommodation fee is an average cost, so the actual accommodation fee might change a little bit.
Please check the internet by yourself regarding the high class of the accommodation fee.
One Day Trip Tour fee is not included any transportation fees, meal expenses and admission charges etc.
The minimum passenger count of One Day Trip Tour is 2 persons.