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Sample tour - One day trip
Kamakura Trip - Plan A
For first time visitors to Kamakura
鎌倉駅 Kamakura Station
鶴岡八幡宮 Tsurugaoka hachimangū Shrine

This shrine was founded by the Shogun ‘Minamoto no Yoritomo’ who established the first military government in Kamakura.
銭洗い弁天 Zeniarai Benten

It is said that if you wash your money in this spring, it will double.
小町通り Komachi Shopping street

lunch break
Kamakura Daibutsu - Great Buddha
I am 13.35m tall.
I am the second tallest
bronze Buddha in Japan.
長谷寺 Hase Temple

This temple is very famous for the statue of ‘Kannon’ and beautiful scenery.