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Online Learning Course
We’ve started an online course !
At last! Murasaki Japanese Institute, with an excellent track record of language education for over 20 years, is offering an Online Learning Course!

Our lessons are via Skype, so you can study Japanese from the comfort of your home or office.

Wherever you are in the world, you can study Japanese with experienced, professional and friendly native-Japanese teachers.

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Our courses
We offer the basic services that the other online courses do:
・Study from wherever you are
・Flexible schedules
・Affordable lesson fees
・One-to-one private lessons
IN ADDITION, the MJI Online Learning Course’s unique points are:
We provide various types of specialized Japanese.

- For beginners!

You can start from zero with full English explanations.

No need to worry about understanding! Your teacher can explain grammar points and vocabulary in English and of course, you can ask questions in English.
- For business professionals!

You can study business Japanese.

We offer unique and innovative industry-specific courses which focus on professional Japanese for financial, legal, real estate, and many other fields.
- For MANGA Lovers!

You can learn Japanese through manga.

How about studying Japanese through your favorite manga? This Japanese is the real deal, and we’ll help you grasp the nuances you can’t get from translations.
- Enjoy daily conversation!

Focus on daily conversation—perfect if you are planning to visit Japan!

Let’s talk about your interests-- music, movies, books, anything!

We will custom-design lessons to meet your needs, so you can reach your personal Japanese goals.
All our teachers are professionals.

Our teachers are
- licensed to teach Japanese as a foreign language.
- have more than 5 years experience.
- a lot of business experience.

All are cheerful, patient and friendly, of course!

Welcome to Tokyo!

We also offer a Short Stay Course.
You can study Japanese in Tokyo during your holidays!
Course Levels
From beginner to advanced levels.
Please let us know your experience with Japanese when you register.
At the first lesson, we will assess your level and design your course.
Lesson Style
About language

 For beginners: We explain Japanese grammar in English.
 For intermediate students: Mainly Japanese is used, but English can be used to facilitate explanations.
 For advanced students: Fully in Japanese. We can explain new vocabulary in English, if you like.

About materials

 We will use not only textbooks, but also practical materials (level appropriate).
 Books (manga / novels), newspaper articles, advertisements...
 You can get a sense of the real scene in Tokyo!
The online course is especially effective for improving speaking and listening.
Lesson Fees
60-minute lessons *45-minutes also availalbe
Number of lessons Total Price per lesson Validity period
20 98,000 JPY 4,900 JPY 6 months
40 18,000 JPY 4,500 JPY 1 year
60 252,000 JPY 4,200 JPY 2 years
* Registration fee JPY10,000 (one time fee)
Exclude consumption tax 10%
You pay lesson fee through Paypal. (Credit cards accepted)  
Double lesson welcome!
How to start