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Conversation Courses
Would you like to enjoy your social life with

your Japanese neighbors? 

We will help you.
Speaking a little more Japanese will make your social life more enjoyable. We will customize your lesson plan to your specific needs.
Examples of Can-Do-Objectives
Greetings to your neighbors.
Asking directions.
Buying travel tickets.
Being able to explain what you need to a sales people in your daily shopping.
Reading Japanese menus and ordering your favorite foods.
To be able to join a hobby circle in your local community.
To be able to communicate with your neighbors and your children’s friend’s families.
To be able to communicate with sales people in your shopping.
To be able to read articles on daily events in newspapers, magazines and community information papers.
To be able to participate in volunteer activities in your local community.
To be able to read popular novels such as by Haruki Murakami.
To be able to arrange your trip itinerary by yourself throughout Japan.
For your convenience, we support your life during a lesson if you need.
For example,
Visit a supermarket with you and provide useful shopping tips.
Introduce places to visit with your family in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Introduce Tokyo metropolitan area rail way maps and public facilities.
Introduce a variety of Japanese cultural events.
Advise a list of doctors for your pet’s vaccination.
Explain instructions for a micro wave oven, an air-conditioner and other electric appliances.
Introduce a variety of Japanese cuisine recipe and enjoy the cooking together.
Lesson Fees
Conversation Course
Time Fees Registration
1 hour
1.5 hours
* exclude consumption tax 10%
At your office/home: Additional charge of 1,000 yen per lesson which includes teacher’s transportation fees.
Central Tokyo; Minato-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Koto-ku, etc.
Additional transportation fees may apply outside central Tokyo.

Group Lesson: Additional students 1-4 2,000 yen/student
Over 5  3,000 yen/student

Payment: Monthly for Corporate accounts
Every 15 lessons for Personal accounts