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  Food Guide
YAKITORI ( Grilled chicken on a skewer )
There are mainly two types of sauce for yakitori.
One of them is “tare”. It is made from soy sauce and sugar.
So its taste is salty-sweet.
The other is “shio”. It means salt.
You can enjoy the flavor of ingredient itself more.
Japanese Romaji English Photo
もも Momo Chicken thigh
ねぎま Negima Chicken & leek
つくね Tsukune Chicken meatball
* Dipping the yellow of an egg comes highly recommended.
ささみ Sasami White breast meat
* There are a lot of variations of sasami.
ex.) Ume (pickled plum) sasami, Chizu (cheese) sasami, Mentai (seasoned cod roe) sasami
アスパラベーコン Asupara bekon Asparagus & bacon
* There are also many variations of bacon.
ex.) Tomato bekon, Mochi (rice cake) bekon, Uzura (quail eggs) bekon, Chizu (cheese) bekon
砂肝(すなぎも) Sunagimo Chicken gizzard
軟骨(なんこつ) Nankotsu Chicken cartilage
皮(かわ) Kawa Chicken skin
ぼんじり Bonjiri Chicken tail
かしら Kashira Pork head meat
手羽先(てばさき) Tebasaki Chicken wing
しろ(もつ) Shiro(Motsu) Pork intestine
はらみ Harami Pork diaphragm
はつ Hatsu Chicken heart
* Some yakitoriya use pork heart.
たん Tan Pork tongue
レバー Reba Pork liver
* Some yakitoriya use chicken liver.
YAKITORI (Grilled chicken on a skewer), but using pork ?

Originally, split-roasted birds were sold as “yakitori”.
However, other food (pork and vegetables etc.) which was cooked the same as split-roasted birds started being sold as “yakitori”.
Pork “yakitori” is famous in Hakodate-shi (Hokkaido) and Higashi-matsuyama-shi (Saitama prefecture).
At Hakodate and Higashi-matsuyama, it was easier and cheaper to get pork than to get chicken.
Also, pork has more nutritional value and gives you more stamina than chicken.
That’s why people in Hakodate and Higashi-matsuyama seem to favor pork “yakitori”.
People also apply the word “yaki ton” to split-roasted pork, and “horumon yaki” to split-roasted pork intestine.